Two Students Join Cenfluence Team for Fall Semester

10 Oct | Insights

This Fall, two students from the University of Central Florida have joined the Cenfluence Team to make a real-world impact on the Cluster Community and gain hands on experience.

Siana Dattani (Class of 2025), a Finance major at UCF with a minor in Political Science, is supporting Cenfluence by conducting research, drafting reports, and compiling database information and resources to communicate with Cluster Members and regional stakeholders. Siana is passionate about where finance and policy/public service intersect.

I am excited to better understand the requirements of project analysis, how integral finance is in the development of non-profit organizations, and how the field of business can be used as a catalyst for good. I hope to further my skills in finance and enhance my understanding of what it takes to run a successful non-profit organization, as I wish to  work in the finance sector of a non-profit in my future career.

Sydney Bates (Class of 2023) is an Economics major with an emphasis on Business Analytics at UCF. Sydney is helping support Cenfluence in business analytics and to engage and bring more resources to Cluster Members.

I am very passionate about social media and the way that it can connect others together. I am interested in finding ways to monitor engagement with other companies a well as future clients!

Both Siana and Sydney are already having an impact as we continue to meet the needs and serve Cluster Members in growing their companies.

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