Ian McClure Joins Central Florida Cluster Initiative as Cluster Manager

11 Apr | Press Release

MAITLAND, Fla. (April 11, 2022) – Cenfluence, the Central Florida Cluster Initiative led by the Florida High Tech Corridor in partnership with Orange County Government, welcomed Ian McClure to serve as a cluster manager supporting more than 60 members across its four clusters: Energy + Environmental Sciences; Gaming, Entertainment + eSports; Learning Sciences + Human Performance; and, Life Sciences.

Established in February 2021, Cenfluence is a formalized effort to strengthen collaboration within and between industry clusters in Orange County and the surrounding region through the delivery of specialized business support resources. It follows a framework that is internationally recognized and proven as a best practice for building and managing “clusters,” or regional networks of businesses, suppliers and service providers, academic institutions and economic organizations within interdependent industries. Among other highlights to-date, the team has identified more than $2 million in funding opportunities for Cluster Members, launched a series of working group sessions focused on strengthening each industry cluster, and established the four clusters on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform to expand the reach and visibility of Cluster Members overseas.

McClure brings 10 years’ experience in biomedical engineering, and research and development for chemical engineering and manufacturing companies to his new role at Cenfluence, which includes a special focus on developing and growing the local tech community. Previously, he was a laboratory manager for Helicon Chemical Company on Florida’s Space Coast, where he oversaw the production and growth of novel nanomaterials developed for solid rocket fuel formulations, and led a team of scientists and researchers executing U.S. Department of Defense contracts. McClure is also an experienced entrepreneur. In 2015, he co-founded and served as CTO and CIO for VIRSμM, a spinout of his graduate senior design project created to grow organs synthetically. McClure has also served as an applications engineer for Bansbach Easylift of North America Inc., and worked as an independent medical intellectual property consultant.

McClure is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. Other noteworthy accomplishments include his involvement in private research and his numerous contributions to peer-reviewed publications in quantum biology.

Learn more about Cenfluence by visiting www.cenfluence.com or follow Cenfluence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Complete this contact form to connect directly with the Cenfluence team.


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